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Sinus Augmentation

A dental implant serves as an artificial tooth root, anchoring firmly to the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth or bridge, thus restoring full dental function. However, the success and longevity of an implant hinge upon the quality and quantity of the jawbone to which it’s attached. In cases where bone loss has occurred due to injury or periodontal disease, sinus augmentation becomes essential to facilitate new bone formation.

In a typical sinus augmentation procedure, a small incision is made near the upper premolar or molar region to expose the jawbone. A careful opening is created in the bone, allowing access to the sinus membrane. This membrane is gently lifted, creating space beneath, which is then filled with bone graft material. The incision is then closed, allowing for healing to take place.

The bone graft material used in this procedure may come from the patient’s own body, a cadaver, or synthetic materials known to stimulate bone growth. After sufficient healing time, implants can be placed, tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Studies have shown that sinus augmentation significantly enhances the success rates of dental implant procedures, ensuring a more stable and durable foundation for tooth replacement.

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