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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) represent a significant advancement in implant dentistry, reshaping the approach to implant placement. Unlike traditional implants that necessitate multiple visits and surgical procedures, MDIs streamline the process, eliminating the need for extensive surgery.

The advent of long-term MDIs enables dentists to insert anchors into the jaw in a single non-invasive session. Primarily, MDIs are utilized to stabilize dentures and overdentures, offering a solution to the discomfort and inconvenience of loose-fitting prosthetics.

Configuration of Mini Dental Implants:

MDIs, resembling tiny screws, function as substitutes for natural tooth roots. Typically crafted from titanium, MDIs may be coated or infused with calcium phosphate along their length to facilitate healing. The head of the implant, resembling a ball, securely fits into a retaining mechanism, providing stability to dentures.

Advantages of MDI Placement:

MDIs present a compelling alternative for individuals averse to invasive surgery and denture wearers. They offer several advantages over full implants, particularly for patients with significant bone loss. Some key benefits include:

  • Reduced cost and treatment time
  • Enhanced comfort and stability
  • Improved oral function, including better chewing and speaking
  • Enhanced breath freshness
  • Minimal discomfort and no need for adhesives

Placement Procedure:

The MDI placement procedure typically lasts about an hour, involving minimal discomfort and no need for stitches. The process includes:

  • Administration of a mild anesthetic
  • Drilling small holes in the jawbone for each MDI
  • Inserting and tightening the implants
  • Stabilizing the MDIs using a ratchet wrench
  • Modifying the denture to accommodate the MDIs
  • Affixing the denture to the MDIs using rubber O-rings

Following the procedure, patients can resume light eating, and the denture can be removed and cleaned as needed. MDIs offer long-lasting results, restoring both aesthetics and functionality to the smile.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding mini dental implants, feel free to consult your dentist.

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