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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, derived from “periodontium,” meaning around the tooth, is a condition that affects both the gums and the supporting bone structure of the teeth. It begins with the formation of plaque, a sticky amalgamation of food residue, bacteria, and saliva. If left unaddressed, plaque hardens into calculus, commonly known as tartar, leading to the deterioration of gum tissue and bone.

Prevalence and Risks

Surprisingly, four out of five individuals suffer from periodontal disease unknowingly, largely due to its initially painless nature. However, it stands as the primary cause of tooth loss. Recent studies have even suggested potential links between periodontal disease and severe health issues like stroke, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and complications during pregnancy. Researchers are exploring the correlation between periodontal inflammation, bacterial presence, and these systemic conditions.

Contributing Factors

Smoking exacerbates the risk of developing periodontal disease. Fortunately, maintaining good oral hygiene practices, adopting a balanced diet, and adhering to regular dental check-ups can significantly mitigate the likelihood of its onset.

Identifying Signs and Symptoms

Detecting periodontal disease necessitates awareness of its manifestations, which may include bleeding gums, tooth mobility due to bone loss, increased spacing between teeth, persistent bad breath caused by oral bacteria, presence of pus around teeth indicating infection, gum recession, redness, swelling, and tenderness.

Seeking Treatment and Support

Early diagnosis and intervention are critical in managing periodontal disease. Our practice offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance protocols to address periodontal health concerns effectively.

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