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Orthodontic Treatment Phases

Orthodontic irregularities vary widely in complexity, often necessitating a collaborative approach between orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and other dental professionals for severe cases. However, most malocclusions, or misaligned bites, are typically managed solely by orthodontists.

Phase 1: Planning

During the initial visits, the orthodontist focuses on establishing a precise diagnosis and devising an efficient treatment plan. This phase may include:

  • Reviewing the patient’s comprehensive dental and medical history.
  • Creating castings or bite impressions of the teeth.
  • Conducting panoramic x-rays and additional imaging to assess the jaws, teeth, and facial structures.
  • Utilizing computer-generated images to analyze the head, face, and neck.

Phase 2: Active Treatment

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the orthodontist initiates active treatment by applying either fixed or removable devices to realign the teeth.

  • Fixed Devices: Traditional braces, comprising brackets connected by an archwire, exert consistent pressure on the teeth, necessitating regular adjustments to maintain progress.
  • Removable Devices: Options like the Invisalign® system and headgear provide flexibility but require diligent wearer compliance. The success of these appliances hinges on the wearer’s commitment to wearing them for the prescribed duration.

Phase 3: Retention

Upon completion of treatment, braces and appliances are removed, and a retainer is custom-made to maintain the new alignment of the teeth.

  • Retainers: These devices are worn for a specified period each day to prevent regression and allow the bone to stabilize around the teeth in their corrected positions.

For inquiries or guidance regarding orthodontic treatment progression, individuals are encouraged to reach out to their dental professionals.

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