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Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays, also referred to as Panorex® or orthopantomograms, provide a unique perspective by capturing wraparound images of the face and teeth. These images unveil details invisible to the naked eye, exposing hidden structures such as wisdom teeth, preliminary signs of cavities, fractures, and bone loss.

Unlike intraoral X-rays that require film placement inside the mouth, panoramic X-rays are extraoral, simplifying the procedure. Rather than being taken routinely, panoramic X-rays are typically conducted on an as-needed basis. While they don’t offer a detailed view of individual teeth, they excel in revealing sinus and nasal areas, along with the mandibular nerve.

Panoramic X-rays are particularly beneficial in cases of extreme pain or suspected sinus-related dental issues. Their versatility extends to various dental applications, including assessing patients with a severe gag reflex, evaluating TMJ progression, and planning treatments such as dentures, braces, and implants.

How Panoramic X-rays Are Taken:

A panoramic X-ray delivers a comprehensive two-dimensional view of both the upper and lower jaw, crucial for assessing wisdom teeth positioning and potential impacts on the mandibular nerve. The Panorex equipment comprises a rotating arm with the X-ray generator and a movable film attachment. Positioned between these components, the patient’s head undergoes imaging as the generator rotates around.

Precision in head and body positioning determines the clarity and utility of the X-rays. Images, magnified by up to 30 times, ensure even the slightest details are captured. With less radiation exposure compared to other X-ray types, panoramic X-rays prioritize patient safety.

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