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How Do I Know if My Gums Are Healthy?

While teeth often take center stage in oral health discussions, healthy gums are equally vital for overall well-being. Research links gum health to various systemic issues, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So, how can you determine if your gums are in good shape? Here are the key indicators of healthy gums:

Firm, Pink Gum Tissue:

  • Healthy gums boast a light coral pink hue, signaling vitality. Run a clean finger along your gums; if they’re firm and pain-free, it’s a positive sign. Also, check your tongue and mouth walls for similar firmness and coloration.

Natural-Smelling Breath:

  • Beyond the temporary freshness from oral products, a neutral breath odor indicates oral health. Persistent foul odors might hint at bacterial buildup or tooth decay, especially noted during flossing.

No Bleeding During Brushing or Flossing:

  • Healthy gums don’t bleed during routine oral care. Any sensitivity or bleeding could signify gum disease or underlying issues requiring dental attention.

Sturdy Teeth and Dental Restorations:

  • Fully erupted adult teeth should be stable. Loose teeth or unstable dental restorations may signal gum disease or related concerns, warranting prompt dental evaluation.

Maintaining healthy gums involves regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. Monitor for any unusual signs like bleeding or discoloration, promptly consulting your dentist if concerns arise.